Friday, 18 July 2008

Grumbling on Holiday

Grumbler's on his holidays, but fear not, there are a couple of shows all canned and ready for release on 20th and 27th July. Full track listings and notes will be available sometime after I get back, but for the basics, take a look at the btpodshow page at:

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Music and Mumblings - 025 - Bats, Bras and Boobs

David Usher: Ugly is Beautiful: Podsafe Music Network
Ontario, Canada

Alamo Racetrack: The Northern Territory: Artist Permission
The Netherlands

Puddle City Racing LightsWindmill
"Tokyo Moon" (mp3)
from "Puddle City Racing Lights"
(Friendly Fire Recordings)
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Berkshire, UK

Little DefectsAmiram Inc.
"Allright" (mp3)
from "Little Defects"
(Oleh! Records)
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Amiram Inc are from Israel

Seth Lakeman: Blood Red Sky: Artist Permission
Cornwall, UK

Azoora: She's Coming (Dub): Myspace
London and Gotheburg based

Edd Hillman: Wasted Dreams: Artist Permission
Edd's from the South of England

Walt Ribeiro: Rush: Artist Permision
Walt hails from Pennsylvania, USA

Friday, 4 July 2008

Music and Mumblings - 024 - Rescuing Pussy from a Tree

Second to the Last FrontierFeral Children
"Zyghost" (mp3)
from "Second to the Last Frontier"
(Sarathan Records)
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Feral Children are from Seattle, Washington, US of A...

Azoora / Rude Corps: Temptress (ft Peter Garland): Podsafe Music Network
Azoora are based in London and Gotheburg (Sweden), Rude Corps appears to be English (c'mon Neil, own up, where are ye based?)

Dance Like No One's WatchingDrive-By Argument
"Left, Left, Walk Forward, Get On The Dragon" (mp3)
from "Dance Like No One's Watching"
(Lizard King)
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Based in Scotland, the land of Haggis and whisky.

Mega BreakfastThe Chap
"Carlos Walter Wendy Stanley" (mp3)
from "Mega Breakfast"
(Ghostly International)
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Myspace tells me the chap are from London, UK.

Mad Mav: Lover's Grief: Jamendo
Mad Mav is from Untermeitingen in Germany

Hugh Cornwell: Philip K Ridiculous: Artist download site
Hugh's English, and if the hook in this tune is to be believed, he's living in the Crossroads Motel

Mindthings: Cry: Jamendo
The man behind Mindthings is based in Bordeaux, France - which reminds me, where's that glass gone...