Sunday, 20 September 2009

Agonies of Indecision

Well, I hoped by now that I'd be settling down to a fairly regular podcast, but the 'time worms' are still feeding on my leisure hours and it's not proving possible for the moment. So, I'm gonna bite the bullet and say that, for the time being at least (never slam a door behind you), music and mumblings is wrapped up.

Ive had some incredibly good fun in the short time I was podcasting regularly, made some great new friends, and discovered (from other podcasts and my own investigations) some fantastic music. While I wont be actively digging for new stuff for a while, I will certainly be keeping my eyes open for new stuff from (amongst others) Lord Numb, SpidersLeg, Azoora and Dudley Saunders.

I'll be doing some writing (blog, maybe a couple of books) and maybe I might be able to pop up like a bad penny on Pete's PC Podcast once in a while (that IS how I started). Hopefully the lads will let me gatecrash the occasional podcrawl. For now, though, "that's it".

So, it remains only to say thank you to the people who made the music I've played, and the people who've listened to my efforts. 's been fun!