Sunday, 22 March 2009

Music and Mumblings - 053 - Who listens to the podmen?

The Jeunes: What You Do To Me: Music Submit: WA, USA

PurePath: Time After Time: Ariel Cyber PR: Italy

Orpheos: A Walk In The Dark: Music Submit: CA, USA

Bluebird Handwriting: Swollen Radium: Dedpop : CT, USA

Fresh Body Shop: The Ugly Army: Jamendo: France

Trey Green: My Girlfriend: Ariel Cyber PR: MA, USA

The Hours: Big Black Hole: Artist Permission: UK

Shamus Twins: I Hide: Music Submit: CA, USA

Lord Numb: I'm An Alligator: Artist Permission: UK

Grey Skies: Read In Sequence: Artist permission: MN, USA

Hamfisted tiwtpic twisted knickers


Sunday, 8 March 2009

Music and Mumblings - 052 - A Severed head in the boozer....


Tom Allalone and the 78s: Crashland: Artist Permission: UK

The Bavarian Druglords: Umbrella Society: Artist Permission, NY, USA

Chrissy Coughlin: Big Log: Ariel Cyber PR : NY, USA

Sean Eskimo: Miss UK: Dedpop : UK

Molgam: The Stench of Rotting Meat in your Pocket: 23Seconds : The Netherlands

Lord Numb: Eileen: Artist Permission: UK

The Godshills: Fate: Artist Permission: MD, USA

Brother Joscephus and the Love Revival: Bontemps Roulez: Ariel Cyber PR : NY, USA


Get Wanted - Mother Bar, 10th March

Breaking into Jail?