Sunday, 1 February 2009

Mumu Feed Moved...

Owing to machinations over at feedburner, who have recently been consumed by the all powerful Google empire, the Music and Mumblings 'feed' has changed a little. This change is, in most cases, completely 'transparent to the user', but it does affect some things, like the little player you see on the right of the site here.

The old feed was
And the new one is

So, if you're off your feed, maybe you need number twos....

Music and Mumblings - 050 - The Grumbler Goes Bi...

Budhuzza: Fish: Artist Permission

Bethany and Rufus: Linin' Track: Musicdish

Orpheos: A Walk in the Dark: Music Submit

Erik Scott: Bartalk: Ariel Cyber PR

Dare Dukes: Bakersfield: Ariel Cyber PR

Wendy and Lisa: Invisible: Ariel Cyber PR

Polarity/1: Winter in America: Musicdish

Chris Huff: Then We're Dead: Ariel Cyber PR

Pictures of the Sky Larkin interview (listen over at PC Podcast)

Click here to access the MP3 Download from Feedburner (Just right click and 'save as' on the 'play button for the episode you want to download)