Sunday, 30 November 2008

Music and Mumblings - 041 - Flip Flops and Pseudopeckers

Dance yerself radio-rental to the rhythms of Rudebot, vote for your favourite track, and COMMENT on the podcast, please (that's and entreaty, not an instruction to the band Please to comment, though I'd love them to...)!

Verona Red: Stereo: Platform 1
Chicago, IL, USA

Alexis Blue: Dyslexics of the World... UNTIE: Artist permission
Merseyside, UK

Please: And Then: 23Seconds
Malmo, Sweden

Rudebot: San Fransisco: 23Seconds
Gothenburg, Sweden

The Wind Whistles: Gold Fever: Aaahh Records
Vancouver, Canada

Keyboard Rebel: My Lordship: Aaahh Records
Manchester, UK

Spidersleg: Stogey: Artist Permission
London, UK

Shadows Lie: Ghost: Music Submit
New York, USA

Made in the UK show 50 - what's all this then?

As I "warned" last week, Made in the UK show episode 50 is being "cross posted" to the music and mumblings feed this week, so that those of you who haven't sampled this particular show before can try it now... Hope you enjoy!

Here's the shownotes, as posted at the Made in the UK show page

Another special introduction by The Grumbler this week, for us and his listeners over at Music and Mumblings.
Spread the Word!

The Grumblers Submissions:
Oldbury Power Station Disco, by Lord Numb(Somewhere)
Cruise Control, by Azoora (London)
Colins Submissions:
Pack of Wolves by Us and Them (Crawley)
This is a signal, by We are Tokyo (Bristol)
Grahams Submissions:
Open Fire, by Simon Connor (Manchester)
Blood Money, by Tracey Browne (Manchester)

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Sunday, 23 November 2008

Music and Mumblings - 040 - What do you do in there?

Great music this week from the UK, America, Australia and New Zealand.

Made in the UK Show - in this week's episode I refer to Made in the UK Show #50 - in fact, that's not due out this week - its next week's show. so you'll just have to wait another week for that one. In the meantime, though, why not head over to the show's web pages and have a look anyway?

Ways to 'connect with the Grumbler': Why not have a look at one or all of these links, and see how you can connect with the Grumbler and interact with other listeners and contributors to the podcast? Connect on Facebook, Myspace, Last FM - I'd be especially pleased if you join the Facebook group and we get some lively feedback and postings there...

Patti Rothberg: Alternate Universe: Ariel Cyber PR
New York, USA

Spidersleg: Muggins: Artist Permission
London, UK.

Jay Stapley: Who I Am: Music Submit
London, UK

Dare Dukes: Ballad of Darius McCollum: Ariel Cyber PR

The Marble Tea: Temporarily not the K man: Podsafe Music Network
New Jersey, USA

Flight of the Conchords: Business Time: Sub Pop Records
New Zealand

The New Killer Bombs: I'm in Love with the Terminator: Music Submit
Sydney, Australia

Tim Howard: Just a Feeling: Acoustic Guitar Forum

Are you a bathroom reader, chatter or TXTer? Go on, add a comment and expose yourself. (maybe I should rephrase that?)

Download the MP3 file here


Thursday, 20 November 2008

MuMu on the Bluebell railway site

Podcast episode 39 gets a mention on the Bluebell railway site (we recorded it there) on the what's new pages. Its a nice website, and worth a look as is the railway itself, if you happen to be in Sussex...

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

A Facebook group for MuMu

Are you a Music and Mumblings listener with a Facebook Account?

Look for the "Music and Mumblings Podcast" group - anyone can join.

If you'd like to help me spread the word abut the podcast, and maybe start a conversation with other listeners or contributors, then its the place to go to...

Music and Mumblings - 039 - Steamy Innuendo

An On-location special this week, from the Bluebell Railway in Sussex, with Pete Cogle, and our chum 'Tricky Dickie'. I'll admit to Jetlag, and working from an incomplete set of notes written in lipstick on the back of a Virgin Atlantic cabin attendant. (Oh alright, it was a napkin.)

Anyway, there were a couple of mistakes, but nothing too gruesome. Apologies to "The Stars Here" for adding letters to their name (you know, some people PAY for that), and to the Citizens... for messing up their track title.

If you want to "see" what we got up to (and the pics are actually quite good) then have a look here...


The Stars Here: Cocaine Pants: Music Submit

Deni Bonet: How Far Can I Push You? : Ariel Cyber PR

Citizens of Contrary Knowledge: Lonely Hearts Society: Ariel Cyber PR

Kalliopi: Fire and Sea: Ariel Cyber PR
Athens, Greece

Shadows Lie: Dead End: Music Submit

Best Kid In TownThe Sketch
"Rotting Away" (mp3)
from "Best Kid In Town"
(Engineer Records)
Buy at iTunes Music Store
More On This Album
Ashford, UK

Jimmy Joansson: The Last Run: Music Submit
Montreux, Switzerland

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

What's a podcast, and how do I get it?

A few people have asked me what a podcast is, and how they can actually get hold of them. Here's an attempt to explain both, with some heavy plagiarism... Sources plundered include Wikipedia, and Pete Cogle. I recommend the keen student visit both sites.

What is it then?

A podcast is a series of programmes - audio or video, stored as files on a server. These are distributed via the internet and can be consumed by manually downloading or streaming via a player on a website. What differentiates podcasts from any other file of this type is that, using appropriate software, you can 'subscribe' to them - ensuring that each one is downloaded to your machine as it is released. Examples of this kind of software include iTunes and Juice. A lot of podcast catcher software is free, and so are most (though not all) podcasts.

Neologists have probably already spotted that 'podcast' is a word made from two others - iPod and Broadcast. The iPod was the first portable device at which podcasts were targeted.

In recent times, Apple has been rumoured to be taking a dim view of what it sees as a misappropriation of its trademarks. This means that many objects which incorporated 'pod' in their names have renamed themselves - examples might include Juice (formerly iPodder) and Mevio (formerly BT Podshow).

I want it!

Thats good! I want you to have it! Fortunately it's easy... Over on the shownotes page (if youre reading this, youre already there) you'll see a little 'player' box on the right hand side of the screen. Just click on the episode you want to hear.

Slightly better, perhaps, is to download the show. If I have remembered, there will be a link to download the file as an MP3 at the bottom of the track listing. If not, dont worry, just go here:

What I'd really like, though, is for you to subscribe, and listen to the show each week. In iTunes, you can visit the podcast directory (in the iTunes store, but don't fret - Music and Mumblings is free) and search for Music and Mumblings or The Grumbler. Either should reward you with a link to the dragon logo. If you use some other Podcatcher software, check your own instructions, and use "" when you're asked for a 'feed'.

What next?

Well, hopefully you just have to sit back and wait for each show, then listen and enjoy. Please feel free to leave comments by clicking on the 'comments' link at the bottom of each set of show notes. I'd like to hear what you like (so I can do more of it) and what you don't like (so I can say "It's my podcast and I'll do what I want!")

Look at some other podcasts too - I contribute to Made in the UK and the Amped podcast. There are links to some other great casts on the right of the shownotes page - PC Podcast, Suffolk'n'cool, Dark Compass and Oroborous were instrumental in encouraging me to start, and the artists who I play are just as important in encouraging me to continue... just in case you want someone to blame.

The Grumbler

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Music and Mumblings - 038 - Blokes from Birkenhead...

Jimmy Joansson: 5 Years Later: Music Submit

G Tom Mac: Cry Little Sister (CaveClub video mix): Ariel Cyber PR

Jeff Lemiesz: Midnight's Comin': Music Submit

The Let Up: Shameless: Podsafe Music Network

Rattlebus: Riding in Circles: Artist permission
Birkenhead, UK

Dudley Saunders: The Undoing (Everyday): Ariel Cyber PR

Download MP3

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Music and Mumblings - 037 - We've got you covered - AKA what I did on my holidays

This week I have some time off work - which I am dedicating to indoor pastimes with no heavy lifting. Yesterday was nicely taken care of by a few hours at the Science Museum in London followed by a quick pint in Covent Garden with none-other than Lord Numb who was, as you can see here, in top form. More from him later...

Today is partially dedicated to throwing together a podcast. A little different this time. Cover versions, mostly, and an extra measure of 'cheesiness' linking the tracks together, plus, an unauthorised guest appearances from Don Logan (another role model, from the film "Sexy Beast"), a collection of daft noises, John Prescott (not a role model) and a Chav - I hope you like it, it was fun to put together.

Daydream on Autopilot: Call Me: Ariel Cyber PR

Twighlight Dementia: Gimme Shelter: Podsafe Music Network
Washington DC, USA

Lord Numb: Little Reed Corvette: Artist permission
London, UK

The Postmarks: Five Years: Music Submit

Jolene: Lay Low: Artist permission

Dudley Saunders: Truck of the Rising Sun: Ariel Cyber PR

Dust Rhinos: Whiskey in the Jar: Podsafe Music Network

HAGO: Liberty Bell: Podsafe Music Network

download MP3

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Music and Mumblings - 036 - Prank calls, and stuck in the lavatory

Kalliope: Naked: Ariel Cyber PR
Athens, Greece

Hot Seconds: Pieces of You: Podsafe Music Network
New York, USA

Mr and Mrs Mays: Lifeline: Ariel Cyber PR
Texas, USA

Azoora: Cruise Control: Artist permission
London, UK / Gothenburg, Sweden

The Brilliant Mistakes: A Good Year: Ariel Cyber PR
New York, USA

Ace of Space: Jellyfish: Artist permission
London, UK

Lawn Jockey: The Running of the Jackalope: Artist permission
Oklahoma, USA

Download as an MP3