Friday, 3 July 2009

Not dead yet

Hi Folks,

Its been a bad month for people shuffling off their mortal coil, hasn't it? We've had MJ and Farrah check out recently, and there's not been many signs of life from Music and Mumblings, has there?

Well, fear not (unless you hate the podcast, in which case be very, very afraid) because I have not given up on podcasting (or grumbling). I'm just too dratted busy to do it justice right now, and I'm not going to dump any half done rubbish on you. And anyway, I do this for the fun of it - mine and yours (as well, of course as the very important promotion of the artists' work).

There's still bucketloads of top chunes out there, and I reckon (hope?) Ill be back with a decent show (relatively speaking) in the autumn (after I've travelled the length and breadth of the country by motorbike with my pal Bob The B'stard).

Meantime, I'm still knockin' about - you can always drop me a mail if you want!



Johan said...

Sign of life! Always a step in the right direction :-)

Graham Holland said...

Missing the music. The mumbling I can take or leave, but the music is fab ;-)