Monday, 30 November 2009

Music and Mumblings - 059 - Back from the Dead!

Welcome to this episode of the famed Music and Mumblings podcast. Voted "cheesiest podcast on the net" by a bunch of people who really know their onions!

Enjoy the Apple : Fresh Body Shop : Jamendo: France

Live Fast, Die Sticky : Uncle Meat and the Highway Children : Music Alley : UK

Pirates : Lord Numb : Artist Permission: UK

Rauðilækur : Mammút : Ariel Cyber PR: Iceland

Lost (Ft Lisa Rider) : Film Noir World : Promonet : UK
Dark EarthFilm Noir World
"Lost" (mp3)
from "Dark Earth"
(Per Capita Records)
Buy at iTunes Music Store
More On This Album

Gunpowder Chant : Diablo Swing Orchestra : Jamendo: Sweden

A ? for a Face (Sean Eskimo RMX) : Lord Numb : Dedpop : UK

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Codger said...

It's a bit runny....

....but we don't care how f***ing runny it is, it's good to have some top quality cheese and some fine choons back in the poddy-verse!

Zachary said...

Holy goat!

I loved the dark electronic track you used from Film Noir World. Where'd you find this track/artist? I'll check out the iTunes links. thank you!

Dave Lee - The Bugcast said...

As I said to you at Podcrawl, I subscribed to your podcast just before you decided to go on your hiatus. Now that you're back, I'm glad I stayed subscribed!!

I really enjoyed the show!!

Graham Holland said...

My, oh, my. This is a damned good show, and I haven't event listened to it yet!

Welcome back :-)


Rich said...

Marvellous, marvellous, but....

As the wife said to me just this morning, it was very enjoyable but I want it to last longer next time.

JR said...

The Dragon has risen.

Looks like Polly wasn't stone dead after all.

Loud cheers,

lord numb said...

Grumblemaus, your back!
A mighty 'HUZZAH' for the Grumbler and no mistake.
Ps: many many thanks for airing the NUMBSTER, the cheese is in the post......